Plant Medicine Integration Training

Plant Medicine Integration Training

For Those Who Want to Awaken the Planet

One of the key benefits to joining a plant medicine integration group is to find healing through our shared experiences.

Working with a group and an experienced guide can you can learn, develop and cultivate your own daily practices, and learn effective tools to help you integrate your plant medicine experiences, so you can have the full transformation you're seeking. 

After the plant medicine ceremony comes to a close, we are faced with how to navigate our every day lives.

How do we translate the insights and wisdom we receive from sacred plant medicines into our day to day reality?


Experiencing Plant Medicine is only 2% of the Journey, the other 98% is Integrating it and Taking Action.


Altered States of Consciousenss

When we tap into altered states of consciousness that are drastically different from our everyday consciousness, it can take time to implement and embody the teachings we receive from our plant teachers.

Integrating your plant medicine experiences builds a solid foundation for your future plant medicine journeys so that you can continue to experience exponential growth.

A Spiritual experience induced out of context of the rest of one’s life and history is like a cut flower: beautiful, but with no prepared foundation in which to root and grow, doomed to fade. ~ Neal Goldsmith

Spiritual Awakening

Showing up to drink more medicine before you’ve fully integrated your last experience is not going to solve your problems. More medicine is not the solution — integration is.

Medicine Woman3

You may be seeking out plant medicine experiences because:

  • You want to come to know who you truly are;
  • You are seeking to change limiting ways of thinking and being;
  • You're ready to unlock greater potential;
  • You're ready to heal the wounds of unworthiness;
  • You want to heal old trauma that's blocking you from fully living your life;
  • You want to come to terms with a diagnosis or a big life change.

If this resonates with you, then consider choosing daily practices as your primary focus. They will support your plant medicine integration so you can instill the changes and transformation that you're ultimately seeking.

Ultimately, we are healing ourselves with the aid of plant medicine wisdom. But we can't show up expecting a quick fix, we need to show up for ourselves and do the inner work in our everyday lives.

We Can Support Each Other on Our Healing Journeys...

Plant Medicine Integration Program for Visionarie


Artwork: Autumn Skye Morrison

I've been supporting Ayahuasca retreats for almost a decade, and the most common concern people shared about their experience was a feeling of disconnection or isolation after the ceremony or the retreat comes to an end.

Rather than pulling in and shutting ourselves off from the world, we can discover deeper healing in our lives by reaching out to connect and sharing our healing experiences with each other; this is the power of plant medicine integration experienced within a group context.

6-Week Plant Medicine Integration Training Outline


Integrating Through Personal Practices - Part 1

Meditation is the foundation to help bridge the gap between different states of consciousness.

We will cover:

  • The importance of daily mindfulness practices (even if you already have a practice, this will help you go much deeper)
  • Meditation & Medicine: diving into neuroscience of transformation
  • Meditation & The biology of Divine Alignment
  • The continual practice and importance of coming back to center

Up-Leveling Your Personal Practices -Part 2

We'll cover: daily practices to open your channel of inspiration, and tap you into flow states.

  • Embodiment practices
  • Shaking
  • Movement
  • Mantras
  • Breath-work
  • Writing & journaling

This week, I'll also share what my own personal daily integration practices look like and we'll also touch on how micro-dosing can be incorporated into your daily practice.


Adopting Heart-Mind Sets

An introduction to Bodhicitta: Weaving Eastern Philosophy & Plant Medicine Integration

We'll cover:

  • The power of adopting the right Heart-Mind Sets (enhanced ways of thinking and feeling, new ways of being) to more effectively integrate your plant medicine experiences.
  • Learning how to open your heart and open your mind to new ways of living, being and perceiving the world around you
  • Choosing Courage over comfort
  • Learning how to Trust, let go and surrender

Connection, Community and the Heart of Compassion and Forgiveness

This week we'll explore:

  • Holding space for our own suffering. Learning how to lean in rather than shut down, tune out and distract.
  • Motivation on the path of awakening: choosing to wake up for the benefit of humanity.
  • Cultivating the heart of compassion & forgiveness through meditation and journaling practices

Re-wiring old limiting beliefs into self-supporting beliefs

This week we'll cover:

  • Understanding neuroscience of change and the practice of re-wiring old beliefs and limiting ways of being.
  • Creating new self-supporting habits
  • Exploring our own blocks to healing
  • Healing our wounds of unworthiness

Mind Over Matter: The power of Prayer and Intention

This week we'll cover:

  • How to channel the power of plant medicines with focused intention for healing and transformation.
  • Understanding plant medicines as a powerful tool for manifestation

In Addition to all the Material Covered in the 6-Week Course, You Will Also Receive:

  • Access to a group call once a week (and recording)
  • Access to closed and private facebook group
  • Live Q and A
  • One new exclusive live video each week for group participants only.
  • 3 Guest speakers with extensive experience in plant medicine integration.
  • Additional resources and suggested reading materials.
  • Sharing of my favorite medicine music


August 14th

August 21st

August 28th

(1 break for burning man!)

September 11th

September 18th

September 25th

"Akin to saying that we have reached the top of Mount Everest when in fact we’ve just been comfortably helicoptered there for a brief, well-insulated landing. Not having the taken the climb, and thus not engaged in any of the lessons of such a challenging trek, leaves us far less capable of appreciating where we are than if we had actually made the climb. Our helicoptered self has found a shortcut, but in so doing so has lost out on the grounding and embodiment and participatory knowingness that can be gained only through the climb itself….Theoretically we may have arrived, but with so little of ourselves actually there, we cannot call it a true arrival." (Masters, 2010)

Plant Medicine Integration is what allows us to make this climb that Masters is referring to.

Plant Medicine Integration