Please note that I do not personally pour ayahuasca for other people or claim by any stretch of the imagination to be a shaman. Ayahuasca has been my primary plant teacher for many years and I am eternally humbled by all I continue to learn from the wisdom of these sacred plants.

Please know that I sincerely DO NOT recommend under any circumstances that you drink ayahuasca by yourself. There’s a reason that the traditional way of sitting with this medicine is in a ceremonial gathering with an experienced guide or shaman leading the way.

I am also NOT condoning the illegal use of Ayahuasca within the US. The ayahuasca retreats I run are in conjunction with trained professionals, with years of experience, in locations outside of the US.


Considering that there’s a massive explosion of interest in sacred plant medicines, and I’ve dedicated my life to working with these sacred plants, I feel a huge sense of responsibility around educating people on how to approach these powerful plant teachers with respect, integrity and mindfulness, as well as the necessity for plant medicine integration training.

Risk Factors

Drinking medicine on your own poses oh-so-many risks, not to be taken lightly!

It’s very common that people need physical support (feeling too weak to get up and go to the bathroom, feeling faint, needing assistance with getting drinking water, needing a bucket for purging, needing warmth, etc.)

  • Physical discomfort can feel extreme during ayahuasca ceremonies.
  • People also need emotional and spiritual support, and this is where the expertise of a trained shaman comes into the picture. Please don’t underestimate the severe emotional and spiritual discomfort you may experience drinking ayahuasca.
  • Another risk to drinking by yourself is that you may not know who you’re getting your medicine from: not knowing the proper dosage, strength, or other plant ingredients in that particular brew.

I’m sharing this because it’s what feels genuine and true for me in my heart and I’ve received the clear message from Spirit that this is what I need to do. It feels good for me to share, it excites and inspires me to share and it’s what my soul is calling me to do.

The intention is to share insights into my own healing so that it may stir and awaken your own healing potential.

If you’d like to experience drinking ayahuasca, I recommend sitting with someone who comes highly recommended. I have a number of those recommendations. Contact me or subscribe in the sidebar if you’d like to be put on our mailing list for upcoming ayahuasca retreats. If you’re considering sitting in a ceremony, read: 20 questions to ask the shaman before sitting in their ceremony, as a good place to start. I’ll be adding many more articles and resources to help support you on your ayahuasca journey of awakening.

I pray for the healing of our planet and for the healing of humanity.

My healing is your healing.

Your healing is my healing

Our healing is ALL healing.


Live Free, Laura D