Ayahuasca New Years Retreat 2020


11 Days, 10 Nights

December 26th 2019 to January 5th 2020


Are you ready to expand the boundaries of what you believe is possible?


This is not just another ayahuasca retreat.


This is an advanced training program to make 2020 the best decade of your life and manifest unprecedented results as you bring your offerings to the world. The focus of this retreat is on fully embodying the medicine teachings and experience what it truly means to walk the visionary path.


You will discover how to translate the wisdom you receive from the plant teachers into your every day life so you can create with purpose and help usher in a new paradigm of awakening.


Make 2020 the best year of your life

An Advanced Sacred Plant Medicine Retreat Focused on Visionary Teachings & Integration

Experiencing Plant Medicine is only 2% of the Journey, the other 98% is Integrating it and Taking Action.


A primary focus at AYA Visionary Retreats centers around Plant Medicine Integration.

When we tap into altered states of consciousness that are drastically different from our everyday perception of reality, it can take time to ground the wisdom and fully embody the teachings we receive from our plant teachers.

At this retreat the theme of integration will weave through all of the teachings.

You will learn advanced integration techniques and practices that you can use as you continue to embark on the medicine path.

Microdosing with vine therapy

Combining the latest research in science and Eastern philosophy, with the wisdom of sacred plant medicines and daily visionary practices



Understand how your brain works so you can use it more effectively. Learn about the neuroscience of perception and how it plays a primary role in how you experience reality. Discover how sacred plant medicines can help re-wire your brain and expand your consciousness.
Quantum Physics


Other dimensions of reality that exist, we just haven't been taught how to perceive them. Sacred plant medicines open and shift your perception, so you can tune into the true nature of reality: energy, frequency and vibration.
This is your portal into Quantum Reality so you can tap into the field of pure possibility, channel the power of visionary states and learn how to resonate your entire being at the frequency of love, inspiration and creation.
Ancient Wisdom


What quantum physics is confirming what ancient traditions have pointed to for thousands of years: that everything is impermanent and constantly in motion. Yet the human tendency is to habituate to routine ways of living and being. As we know, those ways are no longer serving us and this is where we need to have the courage to let go.  We'll talk about the path of the Bodhisattva, what it means to have courage on this path of opening and awakening and how we can foster the inner qualities of strength, courage, trust, letting go and surrender.
HeartMind States


In these extreme times, we no longer need to acquire more skills sets. We need to adopt new mindsets, or what I call "Heart-Mind Sets" - new ways of being and perceiving reality that are connected to the innate wisdom of our hearts. Learn the importance of coming back to center and aligning with the optimal state of Coherence, aka the biology of divine alignment. This is the foundation for tapping into visionary and flow states.
Peak Performance


If you're looking to anchor your big visions into reality so you can make a positive impact on the planet, then you already know that this requires a great deal of focus, dedication. Moving this much energy is like being a professional athlete; it requires training.
This retreat will teach you to build this solid foundation so you can more easily tap into flow states to accomplish your goals. If you've ever experienced flow, you know that's where the magic happens. When you open your channel and allow more energy to move through you and out into the world, you align with the channel of inspiration and create with purpose.


Meditation is the foundation for plant medicine integration. A solid daily practice will keep your channel clear and open, and inspiration activated.
You will learn a specific visionary meditation practice to shift your perception and tune into quantum reality.
Microdosing icon


We'll also cover micro-dosing with ayahuasca vine to help support the expansion of consciousness as well as creative thinking and flow states.

Learn how to activate your inspiration, channel your intentions and tap into the field of infinite possibility so you can anchor your inner visions into reality and contribute to the awakening of humanity.

Special Guest Speakers

Plant Medicine, The Awakening of Consciousness and the Transformation of the World

~ Ali Maya

In this workshop, we will discuss the ways in which plant medicines can facilitate the transformation of habitual, unconscious mind states into joyful, conscious and intentional ones.  We will look at how trauma and unprocessed emotions keep us in repetitive patterns of suffering and explore tools to break free from these cycles.  When we become conscious co-creators of our own realities in this way, a vast landscape of possibilities opens for how we are inspired to bring our gifts to the world.


An Unforgettable Experience in Costa Rica, Immersed in Nature

What's Included in the AYA Visionary New Year's RETREAT

Kinkára - Tent


  • 11 Days & 10 Nights at the incredible location KinKara in Costa Rica;
  • An exquisitely comfortable stay in a private Lotus Bell tent;
  • Charter flight from San José directly to Kinkara (Yes! They actually have a runway at their location!) This will be an unforgettable experience in and of itself. *Price does not include flight from your departure destination to San José. 

Earth to Table Dieta Friendly Cuisine

Featuring organic earth to table cuisine with a focus on dietá in preparation for sacred plant medicine ceremonies. They will be serving 2 meals per day high in fruits and vegetables with a grain option and a protein including chicken or fish. Fresh juices will be available in the morning with snacks available throughout the day.

Dining - Smoothies

Beautiful Shared Communal Spaces

Bath House - Showers

Bath house featuring Quality Amenities

Casa Bulú - Seating Area

Casa Bulú Indoor Communal Area

Casa Bulú - Deck Sunset

Casa Bulú Outdoor Patio

El Morén - Yoga Session1

Yoga, Movement & Meditation

Part of activating inspiration is strengthening your body and mind as a vessel of creation to allow more energy to move through you.

There will be options available every day to move your body including fun, high intensity work outs and 2 ecstatic dances.


Plant Medicine Ceremonies


  • Three grandmother ceremonies at night
  • 1 more additional ceremony (either grandmother or grandfather)
  • Each participant receive a thorough preparation guide to help prepare for this kind of deep internal work.
  • 2 mornings of microdosing
Benefits of Ayahuasca

Immerse Yourself in Nature and Tune Into the Frequency of Creation

Activities - Nauyaca Waterfalls

Costa Rica offers you an incredible opportunity to experience the beauty of biodiversity.

Wake up to the golden rays of light and the sound of tropical paradise as the bird tribe honors the dawning of a new day through the magic and resonance of song.

Waterfall Adventures!

We're going to hike Kinkara's expansive property and yes, this is an image of a waterfall on the property! Feel your cells come alive and the flow of Prana when immersing yourself in fresh, clear and crisp waters flowing from the mountains.

Our Promise to You

Our core values are integrity, clear communication, honoring of the ancient traditions, as well as responsible and conscious consumption of sacred plant medicines while respecting the power of these potent substances.


You will be supported by a highly experienced team of professional guides. Cumulatively, the team has over 100 years of experience working with Sacred Plant Medicines.


We know how incredibly important it is to receive in-depth support for your integration process. Our team will be fully present to support you on this life-changing journey.


Your safety before, during and after the retreat is our highest priority.
It's incredibly important to us that you feel safe, comfortable, respected and supported through this transformational process.

Make 2020 the Best Decade of Your Life


Sign Up Before September 10th

$5200 USD

Sign Up After September 10th

$5400 USD

Scholarships are Available!

*Please mention in the application below you're interested in receiving a partial sliding scale scholarship.*


* To secure your spot, a non-refundable $1500 deposit is required. 

Price does not include credit card transaction fees.

Price does include taxes.

Flight to San Jose airport NOT included / Transportation from San Jose to Kinara IS included. 

Please Fill Out this Required Application to Attend This Retreat

We do this to ensure you are a good fit for this retreat and are ready to receive this level of training in your life. This will include a medicine intake form, as we highly value your safety and there are some contra-indications to working with sacred plant medicines. We will set up a phone call after we receive your application.

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Ayahuasca: A Powerful Tool for Transformation & Manifestation

The Power to Create Starts In Your Mind