About Laura Dawn

LD Visionary 2

Author and speaker, Laura Dawn has been exploring sacred plant medicines as a path for awakening for 20 years. Through training programs and retreats, she teaches you what it means to embody the visionary archetype, channel the power of visionary states and create your reality from the inside-out.

She invites you to expand and explore your consciousness through daily practices to build a solid foundation for mindfully working with sacred plant medicines. She educates people about the importance of plant medicine integration and grounding the wisdom received from our plant teachers into daily lives.

Laura Dawn teaches you how to explore sacred plant medicines as powerful tools for transformation and manifestation and weaves together Eastern philosophy with the latest research in the fields of neuroscience, psychedelic studies and quantum physics to teach you how to become the visionary of your life, radically expand what you believe is possible and anchor your inner visions into reality.

She grew her first online brand to 1.5M people on FB, sold it for 6-figures, wrote 2 published books, built a volcanic hot spring retreat center from scratch and built a 6-figure retreat business — all using the visionary techniques and practices she teaches.

If you'd like to learn more about Laura Dawn, you can read more of her personal story on her personal site www.LiveFreeLauraD.com