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December 26th 2019 to January 5th 2020


Join us in Costa Rica this New Year's and make 2020 the BEST decade of your life. This deeply transformational retreat will inspire you to embody the visionary archetype, expand what you believe is possible and anchor your inner visions into reality.


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Understanding Ayahuasca as an Intelligent Plant Technology: A Powerful Tool for Transformation & Manifestation

Combining the latest research in science, ancient wisdom and eastern philosophy with the wisdom of sacred plant medicines

Quantum Physics

Quantum Physics

Ancient Wisdom

Eastern Philosophy



HeartMind States

Heart-Mind States

Peak Performance

Peak Performance & Flow States


Meditation & Visionary Practices

Sacred Plant Medicines & the Path of Awakening

We live in a time of extremes and rapid change. How can we learn to more effectively navigate this drastically different time when the way we've been living in the past is clearly no longer working.



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Ayahuasca is a hallucinogen which means "vision inducing" and is also a psychedelic which means "mind manifesting".

Ayahuasca is also known as "Vine of the Spirits" or the "Visionary Vine" and has much to teach us about how we can embody the visionary archetype and create our own reality.

Ayahuasca can unlock the portal into other dimensions of reality by opening up your perceptual field of awareness. And in these realms beyond space and time where the veils of illusion are lifted, you can learn how to tap into visionary states and discover the secrets of the Universe: that everything is energy, frequency and vibration.

This is the realm of spirit; the quantum realm where miracles are birthed from and you can learn how to channel and focus your intentions to tap into the Source of Creation and resonate at the frequency of your heart's desire; this is the secret to transmuting your inner visions into reality.

Take the quantum leap and resonate at the Frequency of Greatness.

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With these specific Visionary Teachings, combined with Sacred Plant Medicines, You can Learn how to:

Live FreeLaura D
  • Become the visionary of your life: hold an inner vision and resonate at the frequency of that vision to transmute it into reality;
  • Fully hit your stride in life and tap into peak performance;
  • Drastically improve your mental performance, tap into innovative, solution-oriented, outside-of-the-box thinking;
  • Re-wire old limiting beliefs into new, self-supporting beliefs that unlock your greatest potential;
  • Clear energetic blockages, heal old wounds and past traumas that keep you subconsciously stuck in the past;
  • Open up your channel of abundance and align with receiving; 
  • Get crystal clear around what you really want to create;
  • Attune your perceptual field of awareness to magic, miracles and synchronicities;
  • Step into full Divine Alignment with the Source of Creation.

Tuning in with the Wisdom of Plant Teachers

Wisdom & Guidance

Ayahuasca can help you gain greater perspective around what's most important to you. She can help you gain clarity so you can make the best decisions that are in harmonious alignment with your deepest intentions.

The infinite wisdom of this sacred plant medicine shows you the places where you might be out of integrity or where energy blocks need to be cleared so you can step into deeper alignment with your highest truth.



Benefits of Ayahuasca

Discover Ayahuasca as a Powerful Tool for Transformation & Manifestation


Creativity & Inspiration

Working with ayahuasca can teach you how to open your channel of inspiration and direct that increase of energetic frequency into creation and manifestation.

Intentional use of ayahuasca can also be worked with as an effective tool for tapping into peak performance & flow states.

Transformation & Transmutation

Transformational healing: transmuting old wounds and trauma into stepping stones of growth and healing; re-writing old negative beliefs.

The latest research shows that ayahuasca can help aid neural plasticity, which means that it can be especially effective when combined with mindset training, to help you change limiting beliefs, behavioral and mental patterns into positive self-supporting ones.

Benefits of Ayahuasca


Aya brew

Laura Dawn has 20 years of lived experience and is an authority on intentional use of sacred plant medicines and the path of awakening. She weaves the latest research in neuroscience and quantum physics with Eastern philosophy and ancient wisdom. Laura Dawn can teach you how to become the visionary of your life and transmute your inner visions into reality. 

She teaches you how to shift your focus and perception of reality so you can tap into visionary realms of infinite possibility through the portal of your consciousness.

Leave behind the ordinary, walk the visionary path and radically expand the boundaries of what you believe is possible to create with your life.

Here's a list of dates and events Laura Dawn will be speaking at for summer 2019.